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As a Fashion & Design graduate from AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I -Wytze de Jong- am specialized in 3D virtual product development, design, and concept development. By striking the balance between highly conceptual garments and ready to wear garments with a digital and physical product as an outcome I’m always researching the relation between these two expressions.

I am able to develop highly conceptual ideas and designs and synthesize these into ready to wear garments. Through a good understanding of construction possibilities and pattern knowledge, I am able to design experimental whilst keeping functionality and wearability in mind.


As a conceptual ready to wear designer who loves to find solutions, is driven by curiosity and has an inherent need to understand complex ideas, I continuously challenge myself to create innovative and provocative designs. Therefore I’m Always striving to understand the essence of an idea to optimally translate this into stories, concepts, and designs.


On a personal level, I would describe myself as someone with perseverance, an original solution-driven mindset, a realistic view, and a clean minimalistic style with a little twist.



Tel: +31 6 22 17 75 84

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