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In the project 'studio' we had to create a personal line up again and work out one outfit of this line up. I chose to work out my outfit with the puffer jacket. I chose to work with cutting pieces up and stick them back together. Also in this collection I chose to work with transparent plastic as an over layer to protect. The outfit I worked out is made out of 4 pieces. The puffer jacket is filled with old isolation material cut into cubes. Only a part of the puffer jacket is filled with the isolation material. The outfit has a transparant over jacket.


In the project 'studio' a collaboration collection for Calvin Klein x The North Face had to be made. Starting with a concept and a mood board. The next step was to make a Clash Brand mood board and a concept mood board. The last part was to draw a personal lineup for the clash brand. This concept is about how a person can make a country unrecognizable for his civilians. The civilians become individual and are going to create their own world in anonymity and ignore the rest of the world. This collection is inspired by an unreal and mangled reality. That is why I came up with the idea of pixels in my outfits. This shows that part of the reality you know is not real. Pixels show something is virtual and not real.  

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