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Atelier Process

This project is called 'Atelier'. I started the project with a man's tailored suit. With this suit I had to make the first outfit and from this we started building our collection. I did not finish this project because during Atelier I started the Honours Project.


This collection is about the grown-up men with youth trauma’s. The men who put these trauma’s away and will never talk about it with anyone in their life. These men are suffering from these experiences in their youth, these trauma’s will cause stress, anxiety and disorders in communication with other people. These men live in captivity of their own feelings and build a wall around them. They will act bigger and more self secure that they truly are. In this collection I will break through this wall of security. I will let the men in the suit tell their story and free their feelings by drawings of children's. They can now finally get everything off their chest and seek for comfortability within themselves.

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